ESP Domestic Air Source Heat Pump

Earth Save Products Ltd are an accredited company providing RHI Approved Heat Pumps

The ESP Air Source Heat Pump is a revolutionary Central Heating and Domestic Hot Water System.

Highest COP , British Designed and Manufactured with RHI income. Heat pump owners, under the RHI scheme, can receive between £8-14k over 7 years.

A central heating domestic hot water that will save you ££££

Thermodynamic & Heat Pump Technology Combined to give Central Heating & Domestic Hot Water.

Domestic Thermodynamic and Air Source Heat Pump system from ESP that will cut your fuel bills and will provide RHI (renewable heat incentive income).

  • central heating & hot water
  • thermodynamic & heat pump technology combined
  • simple to operate and hassle free
  • quiet low impact design – Heliotherm is the quietest running heat pump in the world
  • tested at -7 degree it is the most efficient heat pump available in the world today, Uk average temperate is +7 dergee
  • retro fit to your existing central heating system
  • proven British design
  • 1-2 day installation
  • RHI Government income scheme

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Low Cost Central Heating & Domestic Hot Water

The ESP Domestic Air Source Heat Pump generates energy for central heating and hot water 24/7, 365 days of the year, providing massive energy bill savings.

Make your house an Earth Save home with the renewable energy specialists.

A Very Affordable System Providing Huge Savings!

British designed and built, proven technology that has been advanced, making you fuel independent.

  • doesn’t matter if your existing boiler is old or new!
  • cost to install is less than you will spend on fuel!
  • cuts existing bills dramatically
  • no mess, no maintenance

Domestic Air Source Heat Pump Benefits

  • become fuel independent – say goodbye to energy inflation!
  • other heat pumps consume a lot of electricity, they reduce your fuel bill, but will also increase your electricity bill!
  • our maintenance free system, on the other hand, will provide all of your domestic hot water ‘ virtually free of charge’, meaning there is very little electricity used to heat your water!
  • simply activate the central heating part of the system when you need it! It will use electricity to run. You will use less electricity than you were previously using for Gas, Oil or LPG to generate heat
  • system self regulates in order to minimise running costs!
  • domestic hot water and central heating run independently, reducing costs!
  • radiators are heated from top to bottom, increasing surface temperature and reducing running!