Use our infrared heating calculator to calculate recommended wattage. Infrared heating is the modern way to heat your home. It is attractive, healthy, very energy efficient and costs less to run.

Each infrared heating panel has a Wattage count, use the infrared heating calculator to calculate the wattage of the heating panels recommended.

Recommended Wattage per m3

30 Watt / m3 for children’s rooms, living rooms, offices

25 Watt / m3 for kitchens, bedrooms

20 Watt / m3 for hallways

40 Watt / m3 for bathrooms

Infrared Heating Calculator Example Calculation

Bedroom size 4m x 3m

Ceiling height 2.5m

Total area: 4m x 3m x 2.5 = 30m3

Bedroom: 30m3 x 25 Watt/m3 = 750 Watts

Recommendation: a combination of panels making up 750 Watts.

Calculations are based on average figures for a building with good insulation. For buildings with poor insulation, higher wattage maybe required, or a little investment in building insulation can go a long way. If you’d like to reduce your heating costs, we’d be happy to advise on how best to invest in your particular property and circumstances.