Infrared Water Heater

Up to 70% more efficient than a traditional boiler.

infrared water heaterThe Carbon Boiler is an energy saving infrared water heater, that’s up to 70% more efficient than a traditional electric boiler. Controlled by programmable thermostat, no limescale, no maintenance, easy to install and it comes with a full 5 year warranty.

How it Works

The Carbon Boiler looks like a traditional water tank, but inside there is a large carbon fibre heating surface which heats the water up to around 85°C. The power consumption of the carbon boiler is significantly less compared to a traditional electric boiler thanks to the use of carbon fibre cables.

The controller lets you,

  • pre-set hot water supplies depending on your actual needs
  • set two daily working time slots
  • decide how to use the storage temperature
  • gauge electrical consumption based on actual demand of hot water
  • manage power output

Carbon Boiler Advantages

  • produce unparalleled hot water quantities compared with similar electrically heated water dipped products
  • ensure significant energy savings and respect for the environment
  • modulate power consumption, which is a very important prerequisite for energy savings and rationalisation

70% More Efficient

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About the Infrared Water Heater

The Carbon Boiler Infrared Water Heater is made of sheet metal varnished with epoxy powders and insulated using high density expanded polyurethene.

Dimensions are 50cm wide and has a height of just over 100cm.

Installation Notes

The installation includes an inlet pressure adjustment unit.

Optional extras include an expansion tank for the increased volume of heated water, and in areas of hard water, a polyphosphate filter to avoid calcium precipitate in the boiler and or a water softener.