Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems

Keeping your water ‘hot’ all day and night, 365 days of the year!

A solution for providing domestic hot water 24/7 without the need for fuel and costing in the region of £30 – £60 a year to run.

Works with or without your current system. The thermodynamic hot water system is an investment that pays for itself in 4 – 8 years.


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Thermodynamic System Benefits

  • Heats water to 60°C all year round
  • Outstanding thermal efficiency
  • Save up to 99% on your Hot Water energy bill
  • More efficient than solar thermal systems
  • Return on Investment in 4 – 8 years

Smart Controller

  • 5 operating modes
  • eco and boost modes
  • statistics on usage
  • anti-legionella disinfection
  • timer programming

Thermodynamic systems take free heat from the air and transfer it to heat your water.

Domestic Hot Water Heating

  • Extracts energy during the day and night from the environment
  • Transfers the energy to the water, increasing its temperature.
  • Hot water is stored in the existing cylinder.

solar hot water diagram

Absorbs Heat from the Air

The heat is absorbed by refrigerant fluid in the panel which circulates through the system, changes into hot compressed gas, and passes through the heat exchange unit, which transfers the heat to the water in your water tank. As it cools, the gas passes through a valve and reverts back into fluid, which circulates back into the panels and the process repeates.

Just one panel is sufficient to heat your water to 60 degrees. Collects heat energy from both sides.

Silent and Safe

Silent operation. Wall or roof installation. Made of aluminium, very durable. More efficient than evacuated solar thermal systems.

The systems only switches itself on if your water needs to be heated… so there is no risk of wasting energy.

The refrigerant used is environmentally safe and the thermodynamic heating plates do not enter your water cylinder, thereby ensuring total safety for the environment and user.

Multiple DHW Options

Our DHW (domestic hot water) solution has multiple options depending on the best solution for your existing system and hot water usage.

With or without a panel. Retro fit system. With or without a water cylinder.